Pan-STARRS Mailing Lists

The Pan-STARRS mail lists are given below. To post to a list, send mail to the listed email address. Posting is only available to members of the given list. Membership is at the discrition of the list moderator. You may view the list archives, sorted by date or by thread with the links under resources. You may also configure your list subscription options under 'config'. A hint: if you have forgotten your password, go to 'config' for any of your member lists and select 'unsubscribe or edit options'. this will give you an option to receive your password by email. There is a password for each of your maillist subscription. If you change your list password, it is recommended to change it globally so the same password is set for all of your member lists. Remember: your user name is the email account with which you signed up.

General Project Lists
List Nameaddressmoderatorresources
Pan-STARRS Project, IfA Members ps-ifa Ken Chambers [date] [thread] [config]
Development, Observing, and Operations Lists
List Nameaddressmoderatorresources
IPP Core Developers ps-ipp-dev Eugene Magnier [date] [thread] [config]
IPP OPS Group ps-ipp-ops Eugene Magnier [date] [thread] [config]
IPP Users Group ps-ipp-users Eugene Magnier [date] [thread] [config]
Moving Objects Group ps-mops Serge Chastel [date] [thread] [config]
Moving Objects Core Developers ps-mops-dev Serge Chastel [date] [thread] [config]
Database Group ps-db Conrad Holmberg [date] [thread] [config]
Database Development Group ps-db-dev Conrad Holmberg [date] [thread] [config]
Database Help Group ps-db-help Conrad Holmberg [date] [thread] [config]
Database Admin Group ps-db-sysadmin Conrad Holmberg [date] [thread] [config]
Database Users Group ps-db-users Conrad Holmberg [date] [thread] [config]
Observatory and Telescope Software ps-otis Sifan Kahale [date] [thread] [config]
Observatory and Telescope Software Developers ps-otis-dev Sifan Kahale [date] [thread] [config]
Camera Group ps-camera Peter Onaka [date] [thread] [config]
PS-1 Observers Group ps-obs Sifan Kahale [date] [thread] [config]